Africa, The Land of Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Dare to Try: The Time to Act is Now

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An entrepreneur is, in essence, a self-made entity who may well be cultivating skills and honing instincts years before identifying them as business inclinations. And the very fact that you are reading this means that if you are not already a successful entrepreneur, you have the instincts to become one.

No matter how humble your origins, you can accomplish great things with the right frame of mind. It comes down to time-tested moral and business principles—like integrity, courage, and determination—and understanding that it is imperative to rely on one's own instincts, both in assessing your innate capacities and in evaluating new business opportunities.

In Africa today, there is no shortage of opportunities. Jim’s inspirational message for entrepreneurs is that anything he has done, you can do too. If you’re an entrepreneur with a vision, if you’re a professional seeking to expand your business arena and explore uncharted commercial territory, you will find a wealth of strategic insight in Jim’s story and advice.

It’s time to transform the global vision of Africa from “the Hopeless Continent” to a collection of “Rising Nations.” Home to some of the world’s fast-growing middle classes, abundant human and natural resources, immense and diverse investment opportunities, today’s Africa is ripe for new business ventures, both from local entrepreneurs and international investors.

As he encourages entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity to invest in Africa, he also offers a reminder that the universal rules of prudence apply, just as they do anywhere in the world. An entrepreneur must ensure that due diligence is carried out in setting up any new business, regardless of the location.

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Jim Ovia’s story is proof that no matter how humble your origins, you can accomplish great things with the right frame of mind. With his inspirational and instructive tone, he is the mentor today’s aspiring entrepreneurs need.

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Discover Your Greatness: Entrepreneurs, Are You Ready To Dare To Try?

It is my wish that the young people throughout Africa, and around the globe, take advantage of the tremendous opportunities Africa has to offer.

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